DJI Dock vs DJI Dock 2

The DJI Dock series has significantly changed how drones are utilised in various fields by introducing automated drone-in-a-box solutions. These innovative systems allow for the remote control and autonomous execution of missions without needing a pilot physically present. This blog post by UASys delves into the features of both the DJI Dock and the newly released DJI Dock 2, helping you determine which system aligns best with your operational requirements.

DJI Dock Series: A Game Changer

The DJI Dock series offers essential functionalities that streamline drone operations:

  • Remote Autonomous Missions: Users can plan and execute missions from a remote location. This feature enhances efficiency and safety, particularly in extensive operational areas.
  • Matrice Drone Integration: Both docks are compatible with DJI’s Matrice series drones, which support various camera payloads. These are ideal for security, inspections, and public safety applications.

Dock vs. Dock 2: Key Differences

Size and Footprint:

  • DJI Dock: This model is larger and heavier, requiring more manpower and space for deployment.
  • DJI Dock 2: It boasts a 75% reduction in size and 68% in weight compared to its predecessor, making it easier to transport and deploy, especially in locations like rooftops or remote areas.


  • DJI Dock: Supports the M30 Series drones.
  • DJI Dock 2: Compatible with the newer M3D/M3TD drones, offering 25% longer flight times and a 43% increase in operating radius over the M30 Series. The M3D/M3TD also features an Automatic Bypass Function, enhancing flight safety.


  • DJI Dock: Best suited for niche applications that require carrying additional payloads due to its larger size.
  • DJI Dock 2: More flexible with its M3D/M3TD drones. The 20MP surveying camera supports precise mapping for sectors like construction and mining, and disaster monitoring. Meanwhile, the M3TD’s thermal and RGB cameras are perfect for security patrols, emergency responses, and automated inspections.

Choosing the Right Dock for Your Needs

  • DJI Dock: A solid choice if you already possess M30 drones and need extra payload capacity.
  • DJI Dock 2: Generally a better option due to its enhanced portability, extended flight capabilities, and advanced features such as obstacle avoidance. The camera options of the M3D/M3TD make it suitable for a variety of tasks.

UASys Perspective: The Future of Automated Drones

Both the DJI Dock and DJI Dock 2 present robust solutions for automating drone operations. With the introduction of the Dock 2, significant advancements in size, flight capabilities, and functionalities are evident. When choosing between the two, consider your specific needs concerning payload requirements, budget, and deployment scenarios. UASys is committed to helping you integrate the most efficient drone solutions into your operations, ensuring that you leverage the latest advancements in drone technology.

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