DJI Zenmuse H30 Series

Versatile Aerial Payloads for Enhanced Visuals

DJI, a global leader in drone and camera technology, has introduced the Zenmuse H30 Series. These all-weather, multi-sensor aerial payloads are designed to significantly boost the effectiveness of public safety responders and industry professionals, including those in emergency rescue and energy inspection sectors. Compatible with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK and Matrice 350 RTK, the Zenmuse H30 and H30T provide high-resolution visuals in both day and night conditions.

Advanced Multi-Sensor Integration

The Zenmuse H30T includes five critical modules: a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, an infrared thermal camera, a laser rangefinder, and an NIR auxiliary light. The H30 variant features four modules: a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, a laser rangefinder, and an NIR auxiliary light. These payloads leverage intelligent algorithms to deliver clear, stable images and enhance night vision capabilities.

“DJI has once again set new standards in aerial imaging with the Zenmuse H30 Series,” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI. “The exceptional visuals provided by this reliable payload will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of drone pilots in search and rescue operations, firefighting, utility inspections, and conservation efforts.”

High-Resolution Zoom Capabilities

Equipped with a 40MP zoom camera, the Zenmuse H30 Series offers up to 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom. This allows operators to capture detailed images, such as reading a license plate from 650 meters away. Additionally, the Electronic Dehazing function enhances image clarity in smoggy or humid conditions, improving visibility for various operational scenarios.

Day and Night Operations

The Zenmuse H30 Series smoothly transitions between day and night use. In low-light environments, the cameras switch to Night Scene mode, utilizing IR Light for infrared enhancement and NIR illumination. This feature is crucial for nighttime surveillance and search-and-rescue missions. The Full-Color and Black-and-White Night Vision modes provide high-quality recordings and live views, facilitating detailed observations during nighttime operations.

Enhanced Infrared Performance

The H30T’s infrared thermal camera boasts a resolution of 1280×1024 and up to 32x digital zoom, with the ability to measure temperatures up to 1600° C (2912° F). This is particularly useful for firefighters identifying hotspots and search-and-rescue teams detecting subtle temperature differences between objects, people, and animals. The Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) Infrared Image function ensures clear infrared images even at higher zoom levels.

Reliable and Durable Design

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the Zenmuse H30 Series features an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F). This durability ensures dependable performance in challenging conditions.

DJI Zenmuse H30 Series Conclusion

The DJI Zenmuse H30 Series represents a significant leap forward in aerial payload technology, providing versatile and powerful tools for a wide range of industries. From enhancing public safety to improving infrastructure inspections, these payloads deliver superior imaging capabilities and robust performance, ensuring that professionals can perform their duties efficiently and effectively in any condition. Discover the full potential of the Zenmuse H30 Series with UASys and elevate your drone operations to new heights.

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