From Data Capture to Seamless Collaboration with PIX4Dcloud

The Future of Cloud-Based Photogrammetry

Welcome to the next level of professional photogrammetry! PIX4Dcloud offers a user-friendly, cloud-based solution for all your photogrammetry needs. This guide will walk you through its features, from basic to advanced. Let’s get started!

Easy to Use, Easy to Share

Accurate Results and Straightforward Communication

Start your new project in minutes with PIX4Dcloud’s user-friendly platform. Share your project status effortlessly with your team and stakeholders. This cloud-based solution keeps your documentation up-to-date, helping you resolve disputes efficiently.

Data Capture with PIX4Dcloud

Collect Terrestrial and Drone Data

Capture terrestrial data using PIX4Dcatch and viDoc RTK rover for centimeter-level accuracy. For drone data, the PIX4Dcapture Pro flight app has you covered. Drones like the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise can be particularly useful for capturing high-quality aerial data.


The shape of the volcano changed during the eruption and the new structure was recorded by IGN

Data Processing

Transform Images into Measurable Deliverables

Automatically process your images on the cloud to generate accurate and georeferenced orthomosaics, 3D meshes, point clouds, and elevation models. For more insights on surveying with drones, check out our survey guide.

Data Analysis

Visualise, Monitor, and Document

Use PIX4Dcloud’s intuitive interface, timeline, and built-in measurement tools to analyse your site progress. Access your data online from any device or location for maximum convenience.


Data Sharing and Collaboration

Seamless Information Flow

Share your results with your team or clients through a simple URL. This ensures seamless information flow and greater collaboration. For more on asset inspections, visit our inspection guide.

Integration and Next Steps

Trimble Connect and Third-Party Software

Import your data to the Trimble Connect platform or download all outputs for integration into other third-party CAD and BIM software. This makes PIX4Dcloud a versatile tool for various project needs.


Conclusion: The Sky’s the Limit with PIX4Dcloud

As we’ve explored, PIX4Dcloud is more than just a software; it’s a comprehensive cloud-based solution for modern photogrammetry. From data capture to advanced analysis and easy sharing, PIX4Dcloud offers a range of features designed to streamline your photogrammetry workflows. So why wait? Elevate your projects with PIX4Dcloud today!

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