How Agisoft Metashape is Shaping the World of Photogrammetry

In the realm of drone technology, Agisoft Metashape stands out as a revolutionary software, offering an array of features that transform photogrammetry and 3D modeling processes. UASys is proud to explore how Metashape’s capabilities are instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with drone-acquired imagery. From detailed archaeological reconstructions to precise urban planning, Metashape offers UASys professionals the tools needed for high-precision, efficient project execution.

Photogrammetric Triangulation

Photogrammetric triangulation is the backbone of Agisoft Metashape, enabling the processing of diverse types of imagery captured by drones. This includes aerial shots from various angles, close-range photographs for detailed studies, and even satellite imagery for broader landscape analysis. Metashape’s advanced auto-calibration caters to a wide range of cameras, including specialized ones like fisheye, spherical, and cylindrical, ensuring that every pixel is precisely mapped to create accurate 3D models.

Dense Point Cloud Editing and Classification

Agisoft Metashape excels in transforming raw imagery into detailed point clouds, which serve as the foundation for all subsequent modeling and analysis. Its tools allow for the intricate editing of point clouds, ensuring that the resulting models are not only accurate but also free of unnecessary data. The software’s automatic multi-class point classification further streamlines the process, making it easier to differentiate between various elements within the scan, such as buildings, vegetation, and ground surfaces.

Digital Elevation Model Generation and Editing

Creating digital elevation models (DEMs) is crucial for understanding terrain characteristics, and Agisoft Metashape provides robust tools for generating both DSMs and DTMs. These models are essential for a wide range of applications, from flood risk assessment to the planning of construction projects. Metashape’s georeferencing capabilities, supported by EXIF metadata and ground control points, ensure that models are accurately aligned with real-world coordinates.

Georeferenced Orthomosaic Generation

Metashape’s ability to produce georeferenced orthomosaics turns disparate aerial photographs into a cohesive, highly accurate map. This is invaluable for GIS professionals who require seamless integration with existing mapping software. The orthomosaics generated by Agisoft Metashape are known for their color accuracy and texture uniformity.

LiDAR Data Support

The integration of LiDAR data with photogrammetry enhances the depth and precision of 3D models. Agisoft Metashape supports aerial LiDAR point attributes, allowing for the creation of models that accurately reflect the scanned environment. This is particularly beneficial for projects requiring detailed elevation data, such as forestry management and urban development planning.

Ground Control Points and Scale Bar Support

The accuracy of photogrammetric projects is significantly enhanced by the use of ground control points (GCPs). Metashape simplifies this process. The software’s ability to auto-detect coded and non-coded targets accelerates GCP input, ensuring precise model georeferencing. The scale bar tool is an added advantage for projects where traditional positioning equipment might not be available, allowing users to set reference distances directly within the software.

Advanced Measurements

Agisoft Metashape is not just about creating models; it’s also about analyzing them. The software includes tools for measuring distances, areas, and volumes directly within the 3D model, facilitating detailed analysis of physical features. This capability is essential for applications ranging from stockpile volume estimation to the planning of excavation sites.

Stereoscopic Measurements

For projects requiring the utmost precision in feature delineation, Metashape supports stereoscopic measurements using professional 3D monitors and controllers. This allows for accurate and convenient vectorization of features within the model, providing an additional layer of detail to the analysis.

3D Model Generation and Texturing

Metashape’s 3D modeling capabilities are particularly noteworthy, allowing for the creation of detailed models from the processed imagery. Whether it’s for documenting archaeological sites, creating virtual tours of historic buildings, or visualizing proposed construction projects, Metashape’s photorealistic textures bring these models to life.

Hierarchical Tiled Model Generation

For large-scale projects, such as city-wide mapping or extensive archaeological sites, Agisoft Metashape’s hierarchical tiled model generation ensures that the original image resolution is preserved for texturing. This allows for detailed models that do not compromise on quality, even at a large scale.

4D Modeling for Dynamic Scenes

Agisoft Metashape extends beyond static models to capture the essence of dynamic scenes through 4D modeling. This is particularly relevant for creative projects in cinematography and the game industry, where the reconstruction of 3D models over time can create the basis for numerous visual effects.

Panorama Stitching

The software’s panorama stitching feature offers the ability to create immersive 360° panoramas from imagery captured from a single camera position. This is invaluable for virtual tours and interactive media, providing a comprehensive view of the scene.

Multispectral Imagery Processing

With the capability to process multispectral imagery, Agisoft Metashape enables the detailed analysis of environmental data. This includes the fast reconstruction based on preferred channels and the generation of multichannel orthomosaics for environmental monitoring and agricultural management.

Automatic Powerlines Detection

Agisoft Metashape simplifies the complex task of powerline detection, providing straightforward and time-efficient tools for large-scale infrastructure projects. The results, exported as 3D polyline models, offer robust data for planning and maintenance activities.

Satellite Imagery Processing

The software’s support for processing satellite imagery, provided accurate RPC data is available, broadens the scope of projects that can benefit from Metashape’s capabilities. This is particularly useful for large-scale mapping and environmental monitoring projects that require a broader perspective.

Python and Java API

For users seeking to automate workflows or integrate Agisoft Metashape into existing pipelines, the software offers extensive customization options through Python scripting and Java bindings. This flexibility allows for the addition of custom processing operations, ensuring that Metashape can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any project.

Network Processing

Metashape’s network processing feature enables distributed calculations across a local computer network, harnessing the combined power of multiple nodes for processing large datasets. This is essential for projects with vast amounts of data, ensuring efficient processing times without compromising on detail or accuracy.

Cloud Processing

Agisoft Metashape’s cloud processing interface represents the future of photogrammetry. Allowing users to save on hardware infrastructure while still accessing powerful processing capabilities. This feature not only facilitates project management and collaboration. Also ensures that projects can be visualised, shared, and even embedded online with ease.

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Agisoft Metashape’s suite of features makes it a cornerstone of modern photogrammetry and 3D modeling. Offering UASys professionals the tools needed to capture, process, and analyse data with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Whether it’s through detailed elevation models, photorealistic 3D reconstructions, or large-scale mapping projects, Metashape is ready to transform visions into reality, propelling the field of photogrammetry into a new era of innovation and discovery. Try Agisoft Metashape in demo mode or with 30-day trial license.

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