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  • Bigger Datasets, Accurate Results: Processes thousands of images with survey-grade accuracy while halving processing time.
  • Fully Automated Processing: Offers an efficient and seamless workflow to import, process, and assess project quality.
  • Terrestrial Workflow: Integrates both photogrammetry and LiDAR technology for a comprehensive terrestrial workflow.
  • Fast Processing: Handles and processes large data amounts, delivering results up to 50% faster with survey-grade accuracy.
  • Easy Accuracy Checks: Ensures project accuracy with various checkpoints and an exportable quality report.
  • Support for Vertical Coordinate Systems and Geoids: Compatibility with frequently used systems.
  • Import from PIX4Dcatch: Allows processing both LiDAR and RGB image outputs.
  • Fast Development Cycles: Frequent updates with new features and improvements.
  • Essential Outputs: Includes point cloud, orthomosaic, digital surface model, mesh, and compatibility with PIX4Dsurvey, offering various export formats.

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Are you ready to go big?

The optimised software for the next surveying and mapping challenges


big dataset


Bigger datasets, accurate results


PIX4Dmatic processes thousands of images while maintaining survey-grade accuracy, halving the processing time, without the trouble of splitting and merging.
streamlined workflow


Fully automated processing


Developed in close-collaboration with surveyors and mapping professionals to streamline your workflow: import, process and assess the quality of a project in just a few clicks, and move seamlessly from PIX4Dmatic to PIX4Dsurvey.
easy integration


Terrestrial workflow


Leverage the benefits of both photogrammetry and LiDAR technology. Process LiDAR and RGB image outputs from PIX4Dcatch for a full terrestrial workflow. Easy and desktop-based.


Accurate 3D maps and models from thousands of images

Fast processing

Handling and processing large amounts of data is easy with PIX4Dmatic.
Get your results up to 50% faster, while keeping a survey-grade accuracy.

Easy accuracy checks

Ensure the accuracy of your project with GCPs, Checkpoints, or Manual Tie Points. Accuracy metrics are available in a dedicated tie points table and in an exportable quality report.

Vertical coordinate systems and geoid support

PIX4Dmatic supports the most frequently used vertical coordinate systems and their corresponding geoids.

Import from PIX4Dcatch

Process both LiDAR and RGB image outputs from PIX4Dcatch.

Fast development cycles

Updates are released every three weeks in a new preview or stable version, ensuring you get all the latest improvements and features.


Essential outputs, in a fraction of the time

without compromising accuracy

Point cloud

Generate a dense point cloud, create a depth point cloud or fuse them according to the needs of your project and create the best reconstruction possible.

Export formats:



Create orthomosaics that are geometrically corrected such that the scale is uniform. They are color balanced in order to be visually pleasing.

Export formats:

.tiff (GeoTIFF)
.jpg (Georeferenced with .jgw)

Digital surface model (DSM)

Generate a digital representation of all objects in the mapped area. It includes natural features as well as elevated objects, like buildings.

Export formats:

.tiff (GeoTIFF)


Generate a 3D textured mesh by defining the texture size and decimation criteria and view it either in textured or shaded mode.

Export formats:

Cesium 3D Tiles

Compatible with PIX4Dsurvey

Seamless export of processed projects into PIX4Dsurvey to transform point clouds into actionable CAD-ready data. Pix4D’s proprietary .bpc file format is optimised for loading and manipulation of big point clouds. You can now bundle PIX4Dmatic with PIX4Dsurvey and get more than 50% off!

Export formats:


Things to know before you fly

Before taking your new drone for a flight, it is crucial to adhere to the regulations set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and ensure compliance with the Drone Safety Rules. To familiarise yourself with the important safety laws and information regarding drone flights in Australia, we recommend visiting knowyourdrone.gov.au. Additionally, you can download any of the recommended Drone safety apps to determine suitable flight locations. It’s important to note that the details provided in the Product Overview are subject to any prohibitions, restrictions, and limitations outlined in the CASA Rules.

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