Revolutionising Night Operations with Zenmuse H20N

Breaking Barriers in Low-Light Drone Operations

The Zenmuse H20N, DJI’s innovation, is redefining the capabilities of drone operations under the stars. Tailor-made for the Australian landscape, this advanced payload combines starlight vision with thermal imaging, extending operational possibilities into the night.

Unveiling the Zenmuse H20N: A Deep Dive into Advanced Features

Starlight Night Vision: Transforming Darkness into Opportunity

  • Superior Sensitivity: The starlight sensors in the Zenmuse H20N are engineered to capture high-quality images in extremely low-light conditions.
  • Operational Versatility: Ideal for night-time surveillance, wildlife monitoring, and search and rescue operations in Australia’s diverse terrains.

Dual Thermal Cameras: Precision in Heat Detection

  • High-Resolution Imaging: With a resolution of 640×512, the dual thermal cameras provide exceptional clarity in thermal imaging.
  • Variable Zoom Capabilities: Options of 2× and 8× optical zoom allow for versatile and detailed thermal analysis, crucial for applications like bushfire management and industrial inspections.

20× Hybrid Optical Zoom: Unparalleled Detail from Afar

  • Powerful Magnification: The 20× hybrid optical zoom ensures detailed imagery even from significant distances, perfect for surveying large Australian landscapes or inspecting tall infrastructures.

Laser Rangefinder: Accuracy in Measurement

  • Long-Range Measurement: Capable of measuring distances up to 1200m with high precision, it is indispensable for mapping and precision agriculture.

Intelligent Night Scene Enhancement: Clarity in Low Light

  • Enhanced Imagery: This feature optimises images captured in low-light conditions, ensuring clear and usable footage for night-time operations.

Robust Design for Australian Conditions

  • IP44 Rating: The Zenmuse H20N is built to withstand challenging weather conditions, from dusty outback winds to coastal humidity.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Functions effectively in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C, accommodating Australia’s diverse climatic zones.

Advanced Sensors: The Core of Zenmuse H20N

Infrared Zoom: Thermal Imaging Redefined

  • Focused Thermal Analysis: The zoom feature on the thermal cameras allows for detailed inspection of heat sources, critical for applications like electrical grid maintenance and environmental monitoring.

Enhanced Night Vision Cameras

  • Wide Camera: Equipped with a 2MP Starlight Sensor, it captures broader scenes with exceptional clarity in near-dark conditions.
  • Zoom Camera: Features a 4MP Starlight Sensor, providing detailed views with up to 128× max zoom, essential for precise operations like law enforcement and emergency response.

Precision and Reliability with Laser Rangefinder

  • Accurate Distance Data: Essential for tasks requiring exact measurements, such as construction site monitoring and geological surveys.

Thermal and Starlight Vision: Elevating Night Operations

See Through the Night

  • Tailor-Made for Low-Light: The combination of thermal and starlight vision ensures uninterrupted operations, regardless of lighting conditions.

Infrared Zoom for Comprehensive Analysis

  • Detailed Thermal Inspections: From identifying heat leaks in buildings to monitoring wildlife, the zoom capabilities offer a new level of detail in thermal analysis.

Synchronised Split-Screen Zoom

  • Dual Perspective: Simultaneously zoom in on both thermal and starlight feeds for efficient, comparative analysis – a feature particularly beneficial for search and rescue missions.

Intelligent Features for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Advanced Tracking and Imaging Capabilities

  • PinPoint and Smart Track: Quick identification and seamless tracking of moving subjects, enhancing surveillance and monitoring tasks.
  • High-Res Grid Photo and One-Tap Panorama: Capture detailed images and comprehensive panoramic views with ease, useful for site surveys and environmental studies.

Advanced Thermal Features for Specific Applications

  • Color Palettes: Customise thermal imaging to suit specific operational needs.
  • Isotherms: Focus on specific temperature ranges, crucial for applications like fire detection.
  • Temperature Alarm: Get instant alerts for abnormal temperature readings, vital for preventive maintenance.
  • Gain Modes: Adapt thermal sensitivity to capture a wide range of temperatures.
  • R-JPEG Images: Temperature-embedded images for in-depth analysis, essential for scientific research and industrial audits.

Conclusion: Zenmuse H20N – A New Night Vision Standard in Australia

The Zenmuse H20N stands as a pivotal innovation in the Australian drone industry, bringing unparalleled capabilities to night-time operations. Its blend of advanced thermal imaging, starlight vision, and robust design makes it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications, from environmental monitoring to emergency response. The Zenmuse H20N is not just a payload; it’s a beacon of innovation, lighting up Australia’s skies and expanding the horizons of drone technology.

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