Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

Embark on an aerial innovation journey with the Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3E) series. This compact yet robust drone is crafted for daily flying operations. Whether nurturing professional piloting aspirations or bolstering your commercial fleet, the M3E is a cornerstone of versatility and efficiency in today’s dynamic drone landscape.

Australia’s vast and diverse terrain calls for versatile drones. From surveying to emergency response, drones are becoming indispensable in Australian businesses and organisations.

Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

Precision Camera for Rapid Surveys

At the heart of the M3E’s surveying prowess is its advanced camera. Housing a wide-angle 4/3 CMOS, 20MP sensor and a mechanical shutter, it curtails motion blur during high-velocity flights. This camera marvel enables rapid 0.7-second interval shooting, reducing mapping mission durations significantly. Fortified low-light software tackles challenges posed by dim conditions, extending your operational timeframe.

Compact Design with Mighty Features

The M3E takes its foundation from the critically acclaimed Mavic 3 platform, launched at the tail end of 2021. This launch redefined what the industry expects from compact aircraft. Building on these core strengths, the M3E melds a foldable, lightweight design with a spectrum of potent features.

You can easily carry the M3E in one hand, ready for prompt deployment, marking it as ideal for newcomers and a flexible asset for seasoned drone programs. As always, our emphasis is on portability without compromising on power. With a generous 45-minute flight time, the M3E enables extensive area coverage in each mission. In a single flight, it can survey up to 2 square kilometres.

Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series - Compact and Foldable

Safety and Connectivity at the Forefront

The M3E is a dependable aerial ally, thanks to cutting-edge obstacle sensing and navigation systems. Coupled with DJI’s Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS), it ensures a safeguarded, efficient flight experience, reducing the likelihood of mishaps.

Engineered for Operational Efficiency

In professional drone piloting, time is invaluable. The M3E epitomises operational efficiency with features like 100W fast charging and a three-battery 100W charging station. These elements are tailored for maintaining a near-continuous aerial presence, especially in time-critical missions.

Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series - Charging Station

Empowering Accessories for Commercial Pilots

The M3E comes with accessories designed to augment the commercial pilot experience. The new DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote controller offers stellar screen visibility, while the enhanced Loudspeaker facilitates seamless communication, elevating on-field communication.

Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series - DJI RC Pro Enterprise

Two Variants, Multifold Applications

The series showcases two models – the M3E and the M3T, each tailored to a wide range of aerial operations. Specifically, the M3T, equipped with thermal and zoom cameras, stands out as an adept tool for night operations, firefighting, and search and rescue missions, reflecting the series’ adaptability.

Top 7 Features of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series - Thermal

Software Suite and Developer Tools for Tailored Solutions

The M3E acts as a platform for customisation. Boasting an extensive software suite and developer tools, it’s primed for adaptation to meet distinct operational needs. It facilitates not just precise mission planning, but also in-depth fleet analytics, turning every aerial task into an intuitive, collaborative, and efficient endeavour.


The M3E reshapes the small commercial drone landscape by fusing portability with potent capabilities. It’s not just a drone; it’s a driving force in elevating mission efficiency and operational flexibility in the drone industry to new heights.

Why Choose UASys?

Opting for UASys for your DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise extends beyond a drone purchase. Our allegiance continues post-purchase, with training, licensing services, and insurance to ensure smooth technology integration into your operations. If the M3E aligns with your business needs, we warmly invite you to reach out to us at UASys. Adept drone operation goes beyond mere flight. It’s about employing top-notch technology for successful missions while ensuring safety and boosting efficiency.

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