Understanding the Rules for Safe Flying

Drone safety rules – flying for fun

Drones have become increasingly popular in Australia, with more drones taking to the skies above backyards, parks, and beaches. As the number of drones continues to rise, it’s essential for all drone enthusiasts to know the safety regulations. Here are the key rules for drone pilots:

  1. No Flying Over People and Privacy: It’s strictly prohibited to fly drones over people, including crowded areas like festivals, sporting events, beaches, and roads. Maintain a minimum distance of 30 meters from individuals, unless they are involved in controlling or navigating the drone. Respect other people’s privacy as well, don’t record without consent.

  2. Limitations on Altitude: Operate only one drone at a time, and ensure it doesn’t exceed a maximum altitude of 120 meters (400 feet). This helps maintain a safe distance from other airspace users.

  3. Stay Clear of Airports: Fly at least 5.5 kilometres away from controlled airports with a control tower (unless your drone is under 250 grams). Near smaller aerodromes or helicopter landing sites without a control tower, you can fly within 5.5 kilometres if no crewed aircraft are operating nearby. Stay clear of approach or departure paths.

  4. Be Mindful of Crewed Aircraft: Always be aware of nearby crewed aircraft. If you spot one, immediately maneuver your drone away and land it safely to ensure the safety of both aerial traffic and your drone.

  5. Daylight Flying and Visibility: Only fly drones during daylight hours. It’s prohibited to fly in cloudy or foggy conditions. Keep your drone within your visual line of sight, relying on your own eyes without video screens or goggles.

  6. Respect Public Safety and Emergency Operations: Avoid flying your drone over or near areas where public safety may be affected or emergency operations are underway. This includes accident sites, bushfires, firefighting efforts, police operations, and search and rescue missions. Flying in these situations can disrupt crucial operations and pose risks to lives.

Violating these rules can lead to serious consequences such as fines, legal actions, and court proceedings. It’s important to operate drones responsibly and follow these regulations for a safe and enjoyable drone-flying experience. However if you have a reason to fly outside of the rules above, then you can look at getting your RePL and ReOC.

For more detailed information on drone flight restrictions, visit the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) website and consider downloading a CASA-approved app like the one at our partner Aerologix (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).


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