The Future of Agriculture with PIX4Dfields

Welcome to the new age of farming! As we step into the future of agriculture, technology is playing an increasingly vital role. One such game-changer is PIX4Dfields, a hybrid mapping software solution designed by farmers, agronomists, and researchers. This guide aims to walk you through the ins and outs of this incredible software, from basic features to expert tips.

In-Field Results for Immediate Action

Get Accurate Maps, Fast

Time is of the essence when you’re out in the field. With PIX4Dfields, you can create maps rapidly without needing an internet connection. This enables faster decision-making and immediate action, right where you stand. The software processes field images taken from drones instantly, giving you accurate maps of your fields and crops at any stage.


Synchronise and Collaborate

Streamline Your Agriculture Data

Gone are the days of isolated data. PIX4Dfields allows you to synchronise your agriculture data between multiple devices. This feature is particularly useful for teams, as it enables streamlined collaboration. You can share your data via PIX4Dcloud, as a PDF report, or in industry-standard formats, making it easier than ever to keep everyone on the same page.

Remote Sensing and Data Collection

Capture Every Detail

Collecting quality data is crucial for any agricultural endeavour. PIX4Dfields supports image collection using drones equipped with standard RGB or select multispectral cameras. You can also enhance your mapping experience by importing Sentinel-2 satellite data. This flexibility ensures that you capture every detail necessary for comprehensive field analysis.

Analyse and Optimise

Understand Your Crop Like Never Before

PIX4Dfields offers a range of tools to analyse and understand your crop growth stages and stress levels. You can visualise and compare different layers of information, providing a full insight into your yield performance. This data can be invaluable for increasing crop production and reducing costs.


Integrate and Elevate with DJI Agriculture Drones

From Data to Action

After gathering and analysing your data in PIX4Dfields, you can easily integrate it into your Farming Management Software. The software supports various formats, allowing for straightforward downloads of all outputs and insights. You can then create custom variable rate and spot spraying maps for use with spray drones, tractors, and field sprayers.

Pair with DJI for Optimal Results

For seamless implementation, consider using DJI agriculture drones like the T10, T30, and T40. These drones are designed to work in harmony with PIX4Dfields, offering an efficient and accurate way to apply your data-driven decisions directly in the field. This combination maximises crop yields and minimises waste, providing a comprehensive solution for modern agriculture. 🌾🛰️

Inspect, Analyse, and Visualise Year-Round

Keep Tabs on Your Crops

PIX4Dfields isn’t just for a one-off analysis; it’s a tool you can use throughout the year to monitor your crops. With fast and accurate processing, you can inspect, analyse, and visualise your crop changes all year round. The software also allows you to generate indices, zonate and prescribe application rates, and even calculate statistics like mean and standard deviation for various layers.


Conclusion: The Future is Bright with PIX4Dfields

As we’ve explored, PIX4Dfields is more than just a software; it’s a comprehensive solution for modern agriculture. From creating precision maps to in-depth analysis, PIX4Dfields offers a range of features designed to make your agricultural operations more efficient, effective, and future-proof. So why wait? Dive into the future of agriculture with PIX4Dfields today!

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