Unveiling the DJI Matrice 350: A Progressive Evolution in Drone Technology with UASys

At UASys, we’re committed to highlighting the latest advancements in drones. Today, we turn our focus to the DJI Matrice 350, the current flagship in the larger enterprise drones that come from DJI. The M350 expands upon the successful features of the Matrice 300 (there’s a guide for that here), introducing notable enhancements such as an improved IP rating, a night vision FPV camera, and the innovative DJI RC Plus controller.

DJI Matrice 350 RTK

Superior Durability and Enhanced IP Rating

DJI’s commitment to creating robust drones shines in the Matrice 350. Its reinforced construction, combining strong carbon fibre and fortified plastics, ensures resilience against the knock abouts it will endure over its lifetime. Moreover, the Matrice 350 features an enhanced IP55 rating, this is more than the M300 which had IP45. IP55 means that this drone can fly in rain and dusty conditions. This allows the drone to perform optimally even in challenging weather conditions, offering a reliable solution for a wide range of operations.

DJI Matrice 350 RTK

Extended Flight Time and Improved Energy Efficiency

The DJI Matrice 350 like its predecessor, the M300, comes with an exceptional flight time of up to 55 minutes. This is facilitated by a refined battery management system, which ensures improved energy efficiency. Again like the M300, the batteries are hot swappable allowing for extended missions and reduced downtime, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Innovative Sensor Technology and Night Vision FPV Camera

The Matrice 350 integrates cutting-edge sensor technology, with its AI-driven visual sensing system offering precise data collection and real-time analytics. Additionally, it features a night vision FPV (First Person View) camera, a significant upgrade that allows any pilot to operate the drone at night time safer than with the M300. This considerably enhances the Matrice 350’s surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

DJI Matrice 350 RTK

Optimised Payload Capacity

Just like the M300, the main reason you’d buy either M300 or M350 is due to the sensors it can carry. The ability to attach a Zenmuse L1, Zenmuse P1, or Zenmuse H20 sensor, or a combination up to three gives a huge advantage over drones which have the sensor embedded like the Mavic 3 Enterprise. Like the M300 you can attach the sensors as a single downward, dual downward, and with a combination of a single upward, meaning the Matrice 350 has the ability conduct multiple missions in one flight.

DJI Matrice 350 RTK

Intuitive Control with DJI RC Plus

A point of difference with the Matrice 300, the Matrice 350 comes with the DJI RC Plus, whereas on the M300 it’s an option. The DJI RC Plus is a controller with its IP54 rating is designed to be used in harsh environments like the M350. The controller also comes with DJI Pilot 2 as standard, an improvement over the first app. 

In conclusion, the DJI Matrice 350 marks yet another progression in drone technology. Its robust construction with IP55 rating, 55 minute flight time, advanced sensor configuration, versatility in multi-mission criteria, and upgraded controller make it an outstanding choice for professionals over the Matrice 300. Looking to add the flagship to your fleet? Talk to us at UASys, your trusted source for drone products and services in Australia.

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