WingtraOne: Redefining Aerial Data Collection for Precision and Efficiency


Drones come in all shapes and sizes, and for the most of us we see these as multicopters from the huge DJI Agras T40 to the tiny Autel EVO Nano+. But not all drones are made equal, there are also VTOL drones called “powered lift” by CASA that lift up vertically and fly horizontally. Confused about acronyms? Check out our acronym guide on everything drones. The WingtraOne is a drone made by Wingtra in Switzerland which is a dual propeller, 1.25m fixed wing aircraft, that can fly up to 59 minutes. 

What makes the WingtraOne so amazing is that it can collect aerial data at a pace multicopters aren’t able to, transforming industries in surveying, mapping, and agriculture. In this guide we go into what makes this drone special, from the features, applications, and benefits. If you’re interested in obtaining the WingtraOne drone for your business, UASys is currently taking pre-orders.

Understanding the WingtraOne

The WingtraOne is a VTOL drone designed specifically for high-precision aerial mapping and surveying. Its unique design combines the advantages of fixed-wing drones, that being long flight endurance and large area coverage, with the advantages of multicopters using very little space to takeoff and land. 

The WingtraOne not only combines new flight characteristics together, it also supports various high-quality mapping payloads, including high-resolution cameras (61 MP), multispectral sensors, and thermal sensors. This versatility in changeable payloads allows professionals like you to collect a wide array of aerial data. 

Not only are the payload sensors highly capable, but the drone itself can be fully autonomous, carrying out flight missions without interaction, and has self diagnostics onboard, alongside redundancies, to ensure you’re always flying safely. 

WingtraOne A mapping drone for fast and accurate surveying data every time
WingtraOne A mapping drone for fast and accurate surveying data every time

Applications of the WingtraOne

The WingtraOne is at its best when:

  1. Surveying and mapping. The drone’s capability to onboard full frame cameras and its accurate positioning make it ideal for generating detailed maps, 3D models, and topographic surveys including corridor mapping. Couple this with oblique cameras, and it allows the WingtraOne to map more vertical structures easily. 
  2. Construction and infrastructure inspections. The WingtraOne allows quick inspections of large areas in one flight, allowing minimal disruption to sites, bridges, and large infrastructure projects, facilitating efficient project management.
  3. Precision agriculture. The ability to capture large swaths of land with multispectral cameras, allows farmers to rapidly obtain data for use in crop health monitoring, irrigation management, and yield prediction. 
  4. Environmental monitoring. Again the WingtraOne comes into its own with it’s ability to capture large areas in rapid time that other multicopters are unable. The WingtraOne is able to aid in ecological surveys, land cover analysis, and wildlife monitoring.  

Benefits of the WingtraOne

  1. Increase efficiency. With the huge coverage area in one flight, rapid battery swap time, and long flight endurance, minimises the time and effort spent required to collect large amounts of data, enhancing operational efficiency of any operations.
  2. High accuracy. Thanks to the ability to swap across highly professional full frame cameras produced by the likes of Sony, the accompanying data is leaps beyond any other multicopter out there with integrated cameras. This gives highly accurate photogrammetry surveys of entire landscapes.
  3. Highly flexible. With the ability to swap out sensors, and also operate autonomously allows the WingtraOne to operate reliably beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS), and with the new CASA BVLoS exams which makes it far easier to become certified to operate in BVLoS conditions. This is a huge win/win for those looking to operate the WingtraOne to its fullest extent, autonomously beyond visual line of sight. 


The WingtraOne stands at the forefront of aerial data collection, making it far easier for professionals in various industries to obtain highly accurate and comprehensive data of large areas. With its exceptional flexibility, autonomous ability, and ability to carry highly accurate sensors, the WingtraOne drone offers unparalleled advantages for surveying, mapping, and infrastructure inspection, environmental monitoring, and precision agriculture. UASys is proud to have the WingtraOne drone as part of our offering, and if you’re interested we’re taking pre-orders now.

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