Zenmuse L2: Elevating Aerial LiDAR in Australia

A New Era in High-Precision Aerial LiDAR

In the rapidly evolving field of aerial surveying, DJI’s Zenmuse L2 stands as a groundbreaking payload, bringing unprecedented precision and efficiency to Australian skies. This high-precision aerial LiDAR system integrates frame LiDAR, a self-developed high-accuracy IMU system, and a 4/3 CMOS RGB mapping camera, offering a comprehensive solution for geospatial data acquisition.

Zenmuse L2: Advanced Integration for Superior Performance

Integrated LiDAR Solution

  • Advanced Hardware: Supports precise scanning of complex subjects and faster point cloud acquisition.
  • Efficient On-Site Processing: Users can preview, playback, and process point cloud models with DJI Terra, ensuring a streamlined workflow from data capture to analysis.

High-Level Precision

  • GNSS and High-Accuracy IMU: Achieves 4cm vertical accuracy and 5cm horizontal accuracy.
  • Ready for Action: Can be deployed immediately and cover a 2.5km2 area in a single flight.

Intuitive Operation

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for simplicity, lowering the operational threshold in conjunction with Matrice 350 RTK and DJI Terra.

Enhanced Capabilities of the Zenmuse L2

Extended Detection Range

  • 30% Range Increase: Detects up to 250 meters at 10% reflectivity and 450 meters at 50% reflectivity.
  • Operational Altitude: Extends up to 120 meters, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Precision Point Cloud Generation

  • Reduced Spot Size: Generates denser and more accurate digital elevation models (DEM).
  • Support for 5 Returns: Captures detailed ground points even in densely vegetated areas.

High-Efficiency Point Cloud Rate

  • 240,000 Points per Second: Allows for comprehensive data collection in a shorter timeframe.

Flexible Scanning Modes

  • Repetitive and Non-Repetitive Scanning: Offers versatility for various applications like power line inspection and forestry surveying.

Frame-Based Design

  • 100% Effective Point Cloud Data Rate: Ensures comprehensive coverage and data accuracy.

High-Accuracy IMU System for Improved Precision

Enhanced System Performance

  • Real-Time and Post-Processing Accuracy: Delivers highly accurate position, speed, and attitude information.
  • No IMU Warm-Up Required: Ensures immediate readiness and optimised field experience.

Enhanced Operational Experience with the Zenmuse L2

Diverse Flight Route Types

  • Waypoint, Area, and Linear Routes: Adapts to a variety of surveying environments and requirements.

Point Cloud LiveView and Playback

  • Intuitive Display Modes: Offers RGB, point cloud, and side-by-side views for comprehensive understanding.
  • Distance Information Access: Enhances safety with RNG (Laser Rangefinder) enabled.

Auto-Generated Task Quality Report

  • Real-Time Operational Check: Allows operators to assess the quality and results of their work instantly.

PPK Solution for Complex Environments

  • Post-Processing Kinematic Process: Rebuilds high-precision models even in challenging scenarios.

One-Click Processing on DJI Terra

  • Streamlined Post-Processing: Efficiently generates standard-format 3D point cloud models and analyzes point cloud quality.

Application Scenarios: Versatile and Reliable

Broad Operational Scope

  • Land Surveying and Mapping: Delivers high-precision data for detailed land analysis.
  • Electricity and Forestry Management: Essential for inspecting vast networks and managing natural resources.
  • Infrastructure Management: Offers detailed insights for maintaining and planning infrastructure projects.

Conclusion: Zenmuse L2 – A Milestone in Australian Aerial Surveying

The Zenmuse L2 represents a significant advancement in aerial LiDAR technology, setting a new standard in the Australian drone industry. Its integration of advanced LiDAR, high-accuracy IMU, and RGB mapping camera makes it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications, from land surveying to infrastructure management. With the Zenmuse L2, Australian professionals can now capture more precise, efficient, and reliable geospatial data, paving the way for smarter, more informed decision-making.

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